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Water is scarce in many parts of Africa. In some parts, water is available for most
of the year but then it dries up and people are left to drink contaminated water or forced to do without. This is the case in Makueni County, Kenya.
Many people rejoiced when a well was dug at Abba's Heart that gave
thousands of people and animals access to fresh, clean water. 
Vacation Bible School

Annually, a team of Volunteers travel to Kenya to host VBS at various churches and schools.

The 2017 Team chose purple as their team color and 'Royalty' as their theme. Inspiration

came from the song, "Kings & Queens", by Audio Adrenaline.

"Boys become kings, girls will be queens wrapped in Your majesty, When we love the least of these. Then they will be brave and free, Shout Your name in victory, When we love the least of these" 

Feeding Program
Many children go to school without eating breakfast and try to study with hungry bellies. By providing 3 meals per week we make it possible for these children to focus on their education. This program serves 1,500 meals weekly at a cost of $200.00 USD. 
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